Computer and Technology Training

BEST Technologies has created an Initiative and its goal is to bridge the digital, social and economic divide by bringing resources to the less fortunate and training them to compete in today’s new job marketplace. Our program offers four components designed to educate and equip limited resource Oklahomans with the tools necessary to succeed in a world driven by technology and social media that include:

  1. Practical and Life Skills Training and Mentoring Initiative

  2. Our computer/tablet platform program gives the students hands-on experience with the internal workings of computers/tablets. Free classes and workshops provide the basic training needed to become proficient in the latest software programs, new App technology, Tablet, smart and Wireless Technology, Microsoft Office Suites, Multi-Media and the Internet. A part of becoming proficient in the tech world includes a solid understanding of how the technology works and when the course is completed, each participant can with confidence explain how it works.

  3. The third component of the BEST Technologies Initiative is our Technology Training and Technical Assistance to community and faith based organizations, nonprofit organizations, institutions, cities and townships.

    Included in the training assistance to community and faith based organizations and nonprofit organizations is an assessment of the organizations' structure and current usage of digital technology. Based on the evaluation and assessment, we will make recommendations and assist them with implementation and training that will bring those organizations to optimal utilization of information technology. The help also includes business and nonprofit professionals.

  4. The fourth component of BEST Multimedia is a project that provides Oklahoma youth and young adults with multi-media education and a platform that allows them to tell their own stories through Digital Storytelling (Through-The-Lens) Viewpoint which allows them to become engaged within their own communities. The youth mentoring program matches youth with a caring, successful adult who lends their time to building a healthy relationship that includes training, motivation and accountability.